Covid-19 Behaviours

Play your part in stopping the spread of Covid-19

During this challenging and unprecedented time; we all need to work together and behave respectfully, responsibly and considerately. Below are a few ways that as Coleg Cambria students, you can actively play your part in stopping the spread of infection in your local communities.

Wear your face mask

You must wear a face covering/ face mask on public transport and in communal areas of college.

Not only does this help this stop the spread of the virus, it is also respectful to others who could be anxious about the current situation.

Keep your distance

Keep your distance from other people who are not part of your household or extended household – stay 2 metres (3 steps) away from others when outdoors and in enclosed spaces outside the home setting (such as in shops).

This is especially important both at College and when you’re not at College.

Use your own devices

Don’t share your phone or other devices with your friends.

Surfaces such as that of your smartphone or laptop can be an avenue for infection. Remember to regularly wipe touch screens with an antibacterial wipe.

Don’t share your device with anyone or use and touch those that belong to your friends.

Wash your hands regularly

During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the essential and most important ways to prevent the spread of a virus is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. There are also wipes and hand gels in numerous locations at college sites to use as a suitable alternative to using hand washing facilities

Wear a face covering/ face mask on public transport

If travelling on public transport you must wear a face covering/ face mask. Not only does this help stop the spread of the virus, it is also respectful to others on the bus/train who could be feeling anxious about the current situation.

Think about others and be respectful

As a Coleg Cambria student we ask you to respect others and adhere to Government advice linked to COVID-19 including social distancing rules. 


As a Coleg Cambria student it is important that you represent yourself and the college well at all times. This is especially important during break times when you are on college sites or if you’ve ventured off site to areas such as the town centre or local shops, and when you are travelling to and from the College. Please adhere to social distancing, wear your masks where needed and remember to show respect to others at all times.

Be a responsible citizen

At this unprecedented time, we all have a duty to ourselves and others to act responsibly, consider those around us and follow the Government guidance in relation to social distancing and other Covid-19 related advice.

Wear a face mask when walking around any of the communal areas of the College

As an additional precautionary measure we require all staff and students to wear a face mask in all communal areas of the College. The latest advice is that wearing face masks can help in unwittingly passing on the infection.

Stay at home if you, anyone you live with or anyone in your extended household has symptoms.

If you are unable to attend the College due to illness you must inform the College of the reason for your absence. You can do this through (click on the Report Absence link at the top of the Quick Links section on the right of the homepage). This will ensure that your attendance record is up to date, which is important for your progression at the College and EMA or Adult Learning Grant payments that you receive.

Don’t share food or drink

Sharing of food and drink with others can increase the risk of transferring Covid-19. We ask that students don’t offer their food or drink to their friends.

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