Coleg Cambria provides ‘follow-me’ printing, which means students can print from any classroom or library computer.

Once a print job is sent, students can release it on any ‘follow-me’ printer using their student ID card or Windows login account to authenticate.

Printing Prices

A4 mono (black and white)

  • Single sided: 3p
  • Double sided: 6p

A4 colour

  • Single sided: 6p
  • Double sided: 12p

A3 mono (black and white)

  • Single sided: 3p
  • Double sided: 6p

A3 colour

  • Single sided: 6p
  • Double sided: 12p

A2 single side colour plotter print £1 (available from resources)

Free Printing Credits

In September all new and returning students receive £10 free print credit.

In January all students will receive £10 free print credit top-up.

In March all students will receive another £10 free print credit top-up.

Top Up Printing Credits

To add credit to your printing account, or to check the balance visit  Select WisePay and use your credit or debit card.

Think before you print!

Use the checklist below to save money on print credits and help lower the college operating costs.

  • Save paper – print in duplex. Printing both sides of a sheet of paper will save your print credits.

  • Be selective – do not print emails or web pages. If you do need to print, print only the portion of the document you need, not every page.

  • Choose digital over print: instead of printing, replace with electronic documents using the scan-to-file option.

  • Choose share over print – store, share and collaborate using Google Drive.

  • Submit your coursework electronically – ask your tutor if you can submit your coursework/assignments via Google Classroom.

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