What We Expect from You

We want you to enjoy your time at college; to be safe, respected by others and to feel valued. Whatever you are doing on and off site, on the bus or at home online, wherever you are, you are a Cambria student and we expect you to behave in a respectful way to others and the college.

Code of Conduct

As a Cambria student I will be:

Polite and caring – This means I will:

  • Celebrate that people are different and may have different ways of looking at things
  • Always be polite and friendly to other students, staff and visitors
  • Consider what others may feel about what I say and do.

Respectful – This means I will:

  • Respect our college facilities and equipment
  • Always use college bins and recycle when I can
  • Follow college rules
  • Only smoke or vape in college’s designated areas.

Employable – This means I will:

  • Attend all lessons and be punctual
  • Bring all the equipment and kit needed for learning
  • Use polite language (no swearing). This includes on social media networks
  • Dress appropriate for my course and for learning.

Safety aware – This means I will:

  • Follow any rules about how to behave in classes and workshops
  • Switch off my mobile phone (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Not eat or drink (except water, where allowed) in any classrooms and workshops.

Eager to learn – This means I will:

  • Work hard to the best of my ability
  • Have a motivated and positive attitude
  • Hand work in on time and follow the strict rules of plagiarism (not copying the work of others).

Taking every opportunity – This means I will:

  • Strive to be the best
  • Never settle for ‘good enough’
  • Believe and have confidence in myself
  • Ask for help when I need it.

Equal and inclusive – This means I will: 

  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness regardless of their age, disability, class, gender identity, sexuality, race or religion
  • Understand our diverse community at Coleg Cambria, and that different people have different experiences, views and needs
  • Not partake in any action that could be seen as discriminatory, and call out others if I witness discriminatory actions.

I understand that breaking the following rules will result in swift disciplinary action which may mean that I am asked to leave College:

  • Do not bring alcohol or illegal substances into college, or be under the influence of these while in college or taking part in external activities
  • Do not bring knives, unless required as part of essential equipment for your course, or anything which could be used as an offensive weapon into college or on college transport
  • Do not fight, be aggressive, bully, harass, threaten or intimidate others in any way. This includes the use of social networking sites, emails, texts and phone calls.

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