Frequently Asked Questions For New Students

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we commonly get asked by new starters, if any of your questions aren’t on this list, do not hesitate to visit the Student Services team at your site, call on 0300 30 30 007 or email Our amazing team will be more than happy to help with your questions and provide you with all the support you need throughout your time with us at Cambria.

  • How do I get a bus pass?

Call into Student Services or email for more information and check eligibility.

  • How do I swap my course?

Use this link –

Call into Student Services, or speak to your Progress Coach.

  • What support is available to me whilst at Cambria?

Whilst studying at Cambria you have access to a huge range of support, to find out more about some of the support available, visit this page, discover the 24/7 support you have access to or  reach out to Student Services who will be able to offer/suggest support for whatever it is you need.

  • What benefits do I have whilst studying at Cambria?

Whilst studying at Cambria we won’t just help you exceed expectations in the classroom. We also offer discounts and services to make your educational experience as smooth and fun as possible. To find out what benefits are available to you, please visit

  • What is EMA?

EMA is a government grant of £40 per week for 16-18 year olds who live in Wales.  It is mean tested, which means it depends on how much money comes into the household.  You may be eligible if your household income is less than £20,817, or £23,077 if you have other children living in the household with you.  Payments are based on your attendance. 

  • Can I get help with equipment?

If it is an essential course requirement, you may be able to apply for FCF.  This is a grant that helps with PPE, DBS, nursery fees, compulsory trips, textbooks and revision guides.

It is mean tested, which means it depends on how much money comes into the household.  You may be eligible if your household income is less than £20,817

Call into Student Services for more information.

  • I live in England. What help is there for me?

Depending on Household income you may be entitled to some help, please call into Student Services for further advice.

  • Where is Student Services?

Usually located by Reception, Student Services is based on every site.  Call in and meet our friendly and knowledgeable Advisors.

  • How do I apply for University?

For more information about UCAS, either call into Student Services or email

  • I don’t know what I want to do with my life (career pathway).


  • I’ve missed my connection – What do I do?

Go to the nearest Student Services or if it’s on the way to College please call 01978 515454

  • Where can I buy the uniforms (work overalls) and course kits?

In the course search, put the course reference number or name,, click in more information, scroll to the bottom and click the kit list, here you will find all the uniforms you need.

  • Can I have money back to buy the uniforms (Kits)?

If you have been approved with the FCF (Financial Contingency Fund) you can ask for your money back with the receipts for the number of uniforms that  are on the list only. You must present them at Student Services Advice.

  • I do not want to live anymore!

Do not wait, call 999 for immediate support, 111 (options 2) for mental health support, Samaritans on 116 123 or call the college’s safeguarding team on 0300 3030 009.

  • What can I do if a student is using drugs or dealing with them?

Please call Student Services Advice immediately, the Safeguarding group will help you discreetly. You can ask for Sue Francis.

  • What do I do if I forget my Student Lanyard?

It’s really important that you have your lanyard with student card with you whenever you attend college but if you forget it then go to your nearest Student Services who will be able to help you.


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