Library & Academic Study Skills

Our college libraries are vibrant hubs for study and college engagement.

Our friendly team is ready to assist you in various ways, from coursework resources tailored to your learning style, including an extensive book collection and a vast digital library, to the availability of PCs and Chromebooks.

Additionally, we offer valuable support for coursework, assignments, exams, and time management through one-on-one sessions with our skills facilitators, covering topics like organisation, exam strategies, research, and digital skills.

Study Support

Our dedicated team provides tailored 1:1 academic support, focusing on your specific skill needs. We cover diverse topics, including time management, research, motivation, exam preparation, and more. To request personalised support, use the forms linked below:

English: Link

Welsh: Link

For further information, consult your Progress Coach or visit the library. Contact us at for library-related inquiries.

For more information, please visit

Library Information

The library at Coleg Cambria is your gateway to enriching your academic journey.

We offer a wealth of resources tailored to your learning style, including a vast e-book collection and print materials.

If you have overdue books or Chromebooks, reach out to renew or return them.

Our library boasts one of Wales’ largest e-book collections and high-quality video platforms.

We provide ample study space, friendly support, excellent IT resources, and the option to borrow Chromebooks.

Plus, our Academic Skills Facilitators offer personalized assistance.

Contact or call for help or inquiries at your nearest library site.

For more information, please visit

Library Catalogue 

To find out which books we have available at our libraries or as e-books, please visit]

Online Resources

Coleg Cambria offers an extensive array of resources to empower its students. This encompassing collection comprises cutting-edge scientific literature, journals, magazines, and encyclopaedias.

To find all our valuable resources, please visit

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